Inspired to Work on Docs - The Synchro Tutorial

We were recently inspired by some words of wisdom about running a developer-focussed business from a Jeff Lawson, Co-Founder of Twilio (via Joe McCann of NodeSource):

This got us thinking about how we communicate with developers and about our documentation, both what we had, and what we wish we had as developers ourselves. We spent the past week scrubbing and improving our docs, and we created a new introductory experience targeted at people who would rather read code and look at pictures than read prose (i.e. - us, and developers in general).

Announcing the Synchro Tutorial, which will take you step-by-step through Synchro concepts one at a time, mostly in code (with supporting screen shots). We put the code behind this in a GitHub project, and exposed a live Synchro Explorer endpoint and web app to make make it easy to follow along with running code if desired. This is by far the fastest and easiest way to get a feel for what Synchro is and how it works.

Adopting the idea that as a developer-focussed company, your documentation is your marketing, is a powerful way to put the focus where it needs to be.