Synchro Server 1.3 Release

Synchro Server v1.3

Synchro Server v1.3.0 was released today. This release features a number of bug fixes, in addition to the following major new features:

  • View Styles - Provides the ability to specify control attributes in styles that are defined separate from the control and may be shared by multiple control instances.
  • View Style Helper - Assists in applying styles in your application. The Synchro Style Helper module: applies default styles to controls in your View based on control type, merges app default styles into your ViewModel, and can filter styles based on mobile client OS.
  • Application hooks - A mechanism for supplying code that runs before or after a defined module entry point is called, and do this for every page (module/route) in an application, for the life of the application. Hooks can be useful for things like ensuring authentication status on every page, or applying app-wide styles to views on every page.
  • Asynchronous Processing using Generators+Yield and CO - The aynchronous processing support for Synchro application code (the code that you write) has been changed to employ JavaScript Generators and the yield keyword, running under the CO module. This approach and the new APIs it produced provide more flexibility in your asynchronous code (including support for Promises in addition to traditional Node-style callbacks), and provides a better path to async/await in future versions of Node.js.

Upgrading to the latest release

If you already have a Synchro server deployed, you can just run the update command to deploy the new version to that installation:

$ synchro update