Synchro Studio - Now with Visual View Editor

Synchro Server 1.5.8 has been released, and along with that release come some exciting new features in our IDE, Synchro Studio.

Developers can now use Synchro Studio to create and modify their Synchro app user interfaces visually, allowing them to use point-and-click and drag-and-drop operations to build complex views and to bind those views to underlying view models.

Below is a video showing the new features of Synchro Studio. It includes examples of editing and debugging existing apps, as well as created an entirely new app with no UX coding! That's a native mobile app, written in JavaScript, running under Node.js in the cloud, with no hand-coding required for the UX. How much easier do we have to make it?

As always, you can upgrade to the latest Synchro Server release by going to the directory in which Synchro is installed and doing:

synchro update