Share Synchro Apps via GitHub

The Tools

We recently upgraded the Synchro Command Line Interface (CLI) to support installing from a ZIP archive, including the special form of ZIP archive automatically created by GitHub. This means you can now easily install a Synchro app from GitHub in your Synchro Server environment. It also means that as someone sharing a Synchro app on GitHub, you don't need to take any steps to package your app (unless you want to).

The Code

We also recently published all of our sample apps and demonstration apps to GitHub, each in their own repository. These are all available under an open source license, and thanks to the Synchro CLI changes above, are super easy to install on your Synchro Server (literally one command).

The projects we published include:

How To

Each project includes a README (visible from the main GitHub landing page) that shows how to install it, either using the Synchro CLI, or by cloning the repo using Git.

For example, to install SynchroSamples using the CLI, just switch to your SynchroServer directory and do:

$ synchro install

Once you've done that, you can update to the latest version of the app at any time by doing:

$ synchro install -u synchro-samples

Alternatively, you may clone the repo in the synchro-apps directory under SynchroServer, then add it to your config by doing:

$ synchro add SynchroSamples synchro-samples

With this method, you would just use Git to keep the repo up to date.

Your Turn

We think it would be great if Synchro developers started sharing their projects on GitHub. If you do, send us a Tweet @synchrolabs to let us know!