Building Salesforce Apps with Synchro

Salesforce is the #1 CRM platform worldwide. It is very extensible and customizable, and it offers full API access, allowing developers to add functionality to Salesforce or to integrate Salesforce data and functionality into other applications.

Salesforce + Synchro = Salesforce Mobile

The Synchro Salesforce sample application is intended to show how to get started writing Synchro apps for Salesforce. With Synchro you can:

  • Build Salesforce mobile apps using JavaScript/Node.js
  • Distribute those apps as native mobile apps on all platforms
  • Easily deploy changes to those apps across your user base in real time

You will be creating high-fidelity native mobile apps with significantly less code than on other platforms, and all of your mobile app code will actually be running in the cloud (either on Salesforce's own Heroku cloud, or on any other cloud service).

The SynchroSalesforce Sample

The SynchroSalesforce example is a very simple Salesforce app. It has a "main" page where you can choose a sub-page (for now just one) or to logout. If you are not logged in when you arrive at the main page, you will be redirected to the "login" page. There is an "accounts" page that will show your current list of accounts, and if you tap an account, it will take you to the "account" page for that account.

On iOS, it looks like this:

This entire application is implemented in less than 200 lines of code (that includes view layout, UX logic, Salesforce integration, everything).

Shut up and Tell Me Where to Find the Code...

See the SynchroLabs/SynchroSalesforce GitHub repo for the full source and installation instructions.

The jsforce JavaScript library (and npm module) is a widely used and well documented way to access Salesforce, and is what we chose to use for our application.

Where to Go from Here

Salesforce provides many different functionalities, and the jsforce library exposes APIs to provide access to almost everything in Salesforce. Using jsforce, Synchro will allow you to build just about any Salesforce mobile app you need, quickly and easily.

If you need help building your own Salesforce mobile app using Synchro, feel free to reach out to us.